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Experience Colorful Hair with Albert Amin: The Best Hair Color Artist in NY

Ready to upgrade your look? With Albert Amin’s top-notch hair color services in NYC, you can get beautiful and natural results. From blonde to brunette and every shade between, you can trust Albert Amin to give you the exact hair color you desire in no time.

Meet Albert Amin, NYC's Most Sought After Hair Colorist

Albert Amin is NYC’s most sought-after hair colorist. With over a decade of experience in the beauty industry, he brings an artistic and creative edge to your look with his cutting-edge hair color services. Specializing in coloring all hair types, Albert Amin has the knowledge, skills and expertise to give you that perfect hue every time.

As a celebrity hair colorist, Albert Amin has graced the pages of top fashion magazines, having been featured on the covers of Cosmopolitan and Elle Magazine. With his innovative color techniques, drawn from both his years as an educator in beauty schools and as a New York City-based stylist, Albert Amin can give you that bespoke look you are aiming for. Come visit and experience the full power of Albert Amin’s skills: book an appointment today and find out why he’s one of NYC’s most sought-after hair colorists.

Albert Amin’s color techniques are designed to leave you feeling confident, beautiful, and modern. From subtle highlights to vibrant balayage and the deepest hair colors, Albert Amin will work with you to develop the look that is perfect for you. He provides various color services such as full head coloring, root touch-ups, ombre and foil highlighting. Every hairstyle he creates is bespoke and tailored to suit your individual preferences. Whether you want to enhance your natural color or opt for a complete transformation, get in touch with Albert Amin today!

Albert has been providing quality hair color services for nearly 15 years in his stylish New York City-based studio. His precision and skill are evident from the superbly crafted and well-executed hairstyles that he delivers to his loyal customers. Bringing out the best in his clients, Albert truly understands the nuances of color application and always goes the extra mile to make sure you’re looking your absolute best. The ultimate goal with every style is to achieve salon-quality results!

Receive Professional Advice from an Experienced Color Specialist

Albert Amin takes pride in being one of the most experienced colorists in NYC. With years of training, ongoing education and countless happy clients under his belt, he knows the ins and outs of the hair color industry — from achieving that rich brown to getting that perfect platinum blonde. If you’re looking for some direction or don’t know where to begin, you can trust his expert advice to lead you to finding your ideal hue.

No matter your desired hair color, Albert Amin is armed with a wealth of knowledge, techniques and products to ensure smooth results. He walks each client through the maintenance and upkeep required for their hair type — ensuring that their new look will last for as long as possible. In addition to telling you which product lines to use for ultimate care, he’ll also provide the advice and skills necessary in the upkeep of vibrant color — from which treatments do what, how to combat fading and more. If you’re looking for NYC hair color done right, Albert Amin is at the top of the list.

Whether you’re in search of a drastic color change or subtle update, Albert Amin provides unparalleled expertise during every appointment. From ombré fades to platinum blondes and vibrant reds, his coloring process blends the perfect mixture of artistry and science to achieve precision rate results. His presence at Hair Color NYC ensures that all his clients have access to the best salon treatments achievable: no matter the challenge ahead. Knowledgeable and intently focused on glamour, Albert Amin adds beautiful new dimensions to hair that clients can’t get elsewhere -not even at home.

Expect Perfect Results Every Time with Albert Amin's High-Quality Services

Albert Amin strives for perfect results every time you sit in his chair. He brings the same level of detail and concentration to each appointment, so you can expect the best results possible after he’s finished with your hair color service. With a combination of precision placement and advanced techniques, he will ensure your desired color is achieved. Each coloring is tailored according to your individual needs as well, making it easier than ever to get that perfect look you’re aiming for!

Albert Amin also takes time to use only the highest-quality products and tools. He works with some of the best product lines in the industry, such as Goldwell and Paul Mitchell, to ensure your hair looks healthy, vibrant, and shiny after each dye job. His formulations are carefully customized for an expected outcome that totally meets your goals. Albert’s expertise will leave you feeling fabulous!

Whether you want a subtle change or a complete color transformation, Albert Amin’s hair coloring services will help you achieve the exact look you’re going for. He offers a full range of services, such as all-over coloring, partial highlights and balayage, ombre, creative fashion colors like pastels and primary colors, and root touch-up appointments. His passion for hair color makes his work stand out above less experienced stylists.

Albert Amin has been the go-to hair color expert in NYC for decades. He listens to each client carefully to understand their desired results, and utilizes his superior skills to find the perfect shade that perfectly suits their individual style. He takes extra care in ensuring all of his color services are accurate, with no inconsistencies or overlapping lines. Also, he never uses harsh chemicals or dyes that could cause damage or breakage. His gentle handling of hair combined with excellent coloring skills will leave you with gorgeous hair every time.